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how it works

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The ProtectionPhone is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone.

The ProtectionPhone is an ordinary telephone, until you decide to use it as a monitoring system.

Simply enter any telephone number you choose (cellphones work great) and turn the motion sensor switch "on". That's it, you're done. Once "on", the ProtectionPhone provides 24/7 active monitoring and is free to operate.

The ProtectionPhone allows you to decide, from a safe location, "Friend or Foe." Friendly intrusions include allowable visits from family or friends, scheduled employees or roommates.

Should an intruder be detected, the ProtectionPhone instantly calls you at the number you dialed in. Upon answering that call, you are able to "listen in" to the sounds in that space via the amplified microphone. The listening period is about 30 seconds, then the ProtectionPhone disconnects and instantly re-amrs to detect again and again.

In the event of an actual break-in, a call to the Police would be treated as a "verified" Burglary In Progress and be handled with the highest priority.

The ProtectionPhone operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely portable.